Online Text Chat Vs Random Video Chat: Which Is Better?

Million of people knows that virtual dating is one great way to meet strangers. But there is two way of availability for this procedure in which strangers come for a virtual internet-based date. And these two ways of internet-based online date are online text chat and the second one is random video chat way. Because of this availability, many strangers want to know about the pros and cons of this both ways. So today’s intention is to clarify this doubt of strangers. So first let’s start with a basic introduction.

text chats

What Is Online Text Chat?

The text chat is one of the ways for an online talk that is followed and used by many strangers to chat with other strangers. Here communication is possible in only text and emojis. Rooms of text chat are either public or private. It depends on user choice. To see a live demo of this type of text chat facility visit the Chatiw website.

What Is Random Video Chat?

The random fashion of online video talking is in trend and many users follow this way for online date chat. Because text chatting facility is no more attractive. So there are a lot of strangers who choose a platform where free instant video talk features are available. To see this type of live facility demo visit the Omegle website.


As we told you Chatiw website only offers text chat features. But now also video chatting at Chat iw without sign forum fill up is also developed. So try this latest developed trending way of online video chat from there.

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